Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Neighbors Fundraising For Neighbors (NF4N) created?

When groups of people want to organize a community fundraiser for a family in crisis they need a variety of resources. One important element to a successful fundraiser is the charitable status of the organizers. NF4N is available to help families who are unable to organize an IRS approved charitable fundraiser yet are still facing the staggering uninsured costs of a medical crises.


When was NF4N organized?

We were formed in 2016 as an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization.  To date, we have facilitated raising more than $85 thousand through community fundraisers.


Does NF4N have a paid staff?

No, all individuals involved with NF4N are volunteers. The Board of Directors and Officers are also volunteers. No one is paid or compensated for their services.


What does NF4N offer?

We offer your group:

  • Hosting on our website
  • A “Donate Now” button connected to a secure credit card processor
  • Easy contact with our Board and volunteers to answer your questions and concerns


Will NF4N organize and participate in our fundraiser?

No, NF4N will offer support and advise for your fundraiser. The planning and organization of your community fundraiser remains with you and your neighbors, friends and families. NF4N stands ready to offer ideas and suggestions regarding your event, but its volunteers will not participate in your fundraiser.


What does it cost to have your fundraiser facilitated by NF4N?

We have partnered with Network for Good to process all credit card donations to your fundraiser. Network for Good charges a fee of 3% for every donation. However, your donors can pay this fee in addition to their donation and in that way NF4N receives 100% of the donation.

NF4N charges a fee of 5% on all donations received, either by credit card or check, to cover the cost of our operation including website hosting.

You will receive at least 92% of every dollar that your community fundraiser generates!


Are we a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization?

Yes.  All donations are tax deductible and corporate matching programs apply.



Once a month, after NF4N receives payment from Network for Good, we will pay the net proceeds of your community fundraiser to the provider of the service for which the fundraiser was held e.g. medical equipment supplier, mortgage bank/landlord, healthcare provider. As stated above. we will normally not pay the net proceeds directly to the individual or family going through the medical crises.

How do I apply for support?

Anyone wishing to apply or nominate a family for support must complete our Assistance Application.