I was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident that occurred May 22, 2017. I was riding with a group of friends on a major highway when a pedestrian jumped a median, crossed my path of travel and caused me to strike both him and the median. The pedestrian was later discovered to be a user of illegal substances and was under their influence at the moment of collision; he went through withdrawal while in the hospital.

My list of injuries includes T4-T5 incomplete SCI with reduced sensation and involuntary movements, a traumatic brain injury with severe swelling that caused me to spend two weeks in a coma and suffer four months of memory loss, fissure of my upper mandible, laceration of my upper lip, C3-C5 fracture of my spine, one rib fracture, T3-T10 fracture, T7 replacement, and twice suffered bilateral lung failure. I remained hospitalized for over three months after my injury, including the first month in the intensive care unit.

Prior to my injury I worked as an EMT, swim coach, volunteer firefighter, as well as a volunteer EMT. I began working as a lifeguard at the age of 16, and this work ethic continued until my accident. I was working three jobs simultaneously and volunteering in two townships. Although injured and no longer able to physically assist those in need of help, I am hopeful of obtaining the proper education and becoming a psychologist. Knowing the struggles, both physically and mentally, that people whom have suffered a traumatic injury endure; I often offer help volunteering my time to those who need it. I've relayed solutions to problems I've encountered after my injury by attending social groups and gatherings. I have also devoted a lot of my time to writing poetry and I have recently started to let others chime in on my inner thoughts.

Unfortunately, I am now in need of help. There are many therapies with proven benefits after a spinal cord injury, including rehabilitation and machinery. These therapies however are not completely covered by my health insurance. With time, the chance of recovering decreases significantly. Therefore, I am urgently trying to obtain the necessary equipment and rehabilitation to increase any remaining chance of a full recovery. Aware that many of these essential services and equipment come at too high of an expense for me to afford on SSDI, I am thankful for any help from others in this time of need.