At 30 years old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  In the United States, roughly 400,000 people have been diagnosed with MS. It is most commonly diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40, and more women than men have the disease.  MS is a debilitating and progressive disease that decided to interrupt me physically and change my life.  It is trying to take away my independence by affecting my central nervous system.   

Walking has become my biggest challenge and increasingly the most difficult to manage day to day.  It’s the biggest and worst change in my life that has caused an unfortunate and shocking life changing event for me, my husband and three children.   For years I struggled getting around with crutches and then, after falling several times and almost breaking bones, my therapist said “use an electric wheelchair to get you around faster”.    I had no choice - - I did it.

So now I’m in a wheelchair – HOW do I… Remain being ME?  Remain being the selfless person I am and keep drawing people to my life?  Keep my upbeat personality and resolve with everyone I hold conversations with?   Manage my family?  Continue being a “powerhouse”?  Be “independent and proactive”?  Drive “to physical therapy”?  Socialize “with family and friends”?  Participate “in multiple volunteer organizations”?  The answer is:  “I must continue to DRIVE”.

I took a chance and borrowed money against our house to purchase my present 2006 modified van.   Unfortunately due to normal wear and tear, the van has many problems and has become too costly to maintain and would not be worth spending money to fix.  It time for me to purchase a new vehicle I desperately deserve and I don’t have the funds to buy one.

Whether you know me as: Patricia, Treash, Patreash, Patti, Pat, or whether you are meeting me for the first time, to sum it up; The result of my 22 years living and dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (a disease that has damaged my central nervous system and is affecting me physically) I require to live day-to-day by using a wheelchair to ambulate and driving a modified van with hand controls and a ramp to drive where I need to go.  Please help me continue leading the independent and abundant life I’ve created for myself and reach my campaign goal and raise the funds to purchase a new van to “Keep Patti Driving”. 

There will also be a fundraiser held on Thursday, September 14, 2017.  Go to #KeepPattiDriving.

Help spread the word!